Waterjet Cutting Services Melbourne, Victoria

Waterjet cutting of mild steel and hard wearing steels.

Our flow Mach 100 Water Jetcutting Machine has a bed size of 2 meters by 4 meters and is capable of cutting up to 150mm in thickness.

Our machine is capable of cutting mild Steel plates, ranging from 1 mm through to 150 mm to suit your DXF file or We can also help by creating a file with our AutoCAD to suit your drawings.

Our CNC water jet machine is capable of cutting through all hardwearing materials from grade 80, grade 400, grade 450, grade 500 and above with no heat affected zone through the cut, our machine is capable of also cutting round and square holes in these hard materials.

Traditional cutting methods of heavy plate using oxy acetylene tends to pull and bend the material while cutting so is not ideal when plates need cutting along with holes as it pulls out of alignment. 

We can cut and bevel along with cutting holes in all cutting edges for earth moving bucket builders saving in time and costly carbide tipped mag drill cutters. 

We provide a free waterjet cutting quote.

Waterjet cutting Aluminium

While waterjet cutting is a slow process compared to plasma and laser cutting they are limited by their cutting plate thickness. Our CNC water jet is capable of cutting all grades of aluminium and marine grade plate in all thickness. The machining  process also leaves a fine smooth cut with no burn marks to the cutting edge and no need for clean up, this is also ideal for all  welding processes such as tig and mig as the welding zone is clean.

Waterjet can be used for aluminium cutting across many industries in large, medium and small size parts with requirements and needs for complex, cutting and precision with extremely tight tolerances. 

Some of the industries that use aluminium water jet cutting are for electronics and appliances, There are parts for aircraft and space  bound equipment, automotive parts like transmissions and engine components and wheels, construction industries and architectural elements like roofing railings And frames.

WaterJet Cutting Stainless Materials

Like aluminium water jet cutting is ideal for cutting stainless steel sheets and plates of all thicknesses and sizes leaving no heat affected zone or burn marks through the cuts with a fine machine finish which needs no cleaning or de burring after cuts.

Some of the industries that use our services are food and beverage, manufacturing, gas and pipeline manufacturing, automotive industries, steel fabricators, Boat builders, Furniture, manufacturers, Sheet metal industries etc. 

Our waterjet cutting machine is capable of cutting brass, copper and titanium  for all of the reasons mentioned above In regards to aluminium and stainless steel’s. 

Waterjet Cutting of plastics

Our waterjet machine can cut all different types of acrylic Plexiglass, Perspex polycarbonate, HDPE, rigid PVC, Engineering plastic, just to name a few. 

Some of the industries these plastics can be used in are engineering, mining and defence, medical and hospitals, architecture and buildings, shop fitting, signage, hospitality industry, Marine industries and events.

These plastics can be formed and glued together to form boxes And structures, depending on what it is  that your fabricating,

Waterjet Cutting of tiles and porcelain tiles.

Our Water Jet Cutting Machine can cut very intricate designs without breakage of tiles. We can cut any design that your imagination can come up with such as in lays, signs and medallions or artistic accents. Our water jet will give you the best possible edge because there is no heat or surface stress on the tile when cutting therefore the material retains its original appearance So be sure to get in contact for your next tile cutting project.

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