Waterjet Cutting Melbourne Brass & Stainless

Waterjet Cutting Melbourne based services is what we offer and we are based in Ravenhall Melbourne. 

Weldpro Fabrications is a business that has the knowledge and experience that spans more than 25 years in the steel fabrication industry.

What is Water jet Cutting?

This water jet cutter creates a controlled cutting process that uses high pressure water to perform precision cutting in a large range of materials.

Steel Fabrication & Waterjet Cutting

This is a 3 part process

  1. Quote. We will provide you with a quote and have discusion about what you need making sure we meet your requirements.
  2. We setup your designs for cutting into our software systems and make any adjustments necessary to achieve the desired results.
  3. We then process your design into our Water jet Cutting machine and proceed to cut and complete your job.
What does Your Waterjet Cutting Melbourne Based Service Offer?
  • Precision: High-precision cuts with a very narrow cutting kerf.
  • Versatility: We can cut a wide range of materials which includes aluminium, all types of metals, plastics, glass cut to size, ceramics, composites, tiles, and more. In fact the only material we can not waterjet cut is tempered glass.
  • No Heat Affected Cutting Zone: Waterjet cutting does not generate heat, reducing the risk of material distortion or damage due to heat such as during CNC controlled Plasma or Laser cutting.
  • Environmentally Friendly: It is considered an environmentally friendly cutting method as it does not produce harmful fumes or by-products.
  • Reduced Material Waste: The narrow kerf width and precision of waterjet cutting contribute to minimal material wastage.

Our Water jet cutting melbourne based service is available for aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and construction. steel and metal fabricators, oil and gas industries, food catering manufacture, Petrolium industries, sheet metal fabricators, race car builders, sign manufacturing, boat manufacturing and repair industries.

Steel fabrication Melbourne Based Services

Our steel fabrication melbourne based services include the capability to make a variety of products.

This consists of cutting, forming bending or shaping of steel plate or sheet, box tubes known as RHS or Rectangle hollow sections, SHS known as square hollow sections, tube and pipes, steel beams or columns, angle iron, flat bar and round bars, hollow bar and solid bars.

All these steel material types come in different sizes and thicknesses making steel fabrication a wide and broad market to cater for. To add to this these materials come in mild steel or hard-wearing steels, aluminium, stainless steel marine grade and food-grade, coppers and zinc annealed.

All these steel materials during the fabrication process go thru a process of marking out, bending, rolling, forming and shaping, grinding, drilling and tapping, tack welding and welding to form a metal structure.

Weldpro Fabrications use all these material types and techniques during our daily works at our workshop in Ravenhall. Our services are provided for customers around Melbourne Victoria and Australia.

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