Brass Sheet Cutting and Brass Plate Cutting

Brass sheet cutting and Brass Plate Cutting is what we specialise in at Weldpro Fabrications for all industries in Melbourne and Australia. We use a waterjet cutting machine to achieve professional results. Brass has superior quality that make this product ideal for the use in all commercial, industrial and domestic situations.

We are able to cut your brass sheets and plate to any 2D shapes that you may require, our CNC machine which is a waterjet cutter has a sheet cutting capacity of 2 meters wide by 4 meters long. If you can supply a DXF file or a drawing we more than likely can cut it, thickness can be anywhere up to 150mm. Our Waterjet cutting machine uses a stream of water which is up to 66,000 PSI at the cutting nozzle and a flow of 80 mesh or 120 mesh garnet which is mixed in at the nozzle which does the fine cutting. All Brass when cut has no heat affected zone or burning at the edge of the cut like some other processes such as plasma or Laser cutting, the end result is a fine machined finish with no need for de burring or cleaning up of the edges saving the customer labour time when your parts are received.

Brass sheet and plate offer a unique classic visual appeal and are often found used in offices, Boardrooms, restaurants, Lobby’s, Receptions, buildings, Elevators, Shopping Centres, facades, hotels, Foyers, homes, hospitals, government buildings, Airports, library’s, industrial applications just to name a few. Brass offers a great finish weather left in its raw state or polished to a bright and elegant finish. Weather it be for a brass entrance sign, brass cut business name, brass cut numbers and letters, brass ID plate or brass pulque or a brass logo we are sure to cut it. Our Waterjet machine can cut shapes, squares, holes, names and letters and numbers.

Industries that use or Brass Sheet Cutting Service.

Some of the industries that use brass cutting in Melbourne are architects for there building architectural designs, designers, builders, engineers, trades people, decorators, home owners, businesses, sign writers and contractors etc.

Brass is a hard durable material that can be folded and welded, it can have holes drilled and tapped, it can be machined to suit many applications like brass bushes or left as a flat brass profile cut sheet.

Brass is a Non-ferrous and Non-magnetic metal which means it contains no iron, as ferrous metals will rust if not treated brass metals usually exhibit only tarnishing or surface corrosion in the harshest of environments such as around sea water.

Applications and uses for Brass sheet and plate.

  1. Heat Exchangers:
    • HVAC systems.
    • Radiators and cooling systems.
  2. Marine
    • Boats.
    • Fittings
    • Fixtures and components
    • Engines.
    • Pumps.
    • Naval ships.
  3. Signage
    • letters.
    • Numbers.
    • Names.
    • Pulques.
  4. Electrical systems
    • Buzz bars.
    • Boards.
    • Switch panels and boards.
    • Electrical terminals.
  5. Beveridge industries
    • Distilleries.
    • Food.
    • Brewery.
  6. Music
    • Musical instruments.
  7. Other common uses.
    • Clock making.
    • Architectural features.
    • Door handles.
    • Badges
    • Plates.
    • Grills.
    • Decorative elements.
    • Architectural Designs.
    • Decorative elements in buildings and structures.
    • Wall cladding and facades.
    • Handles.
    • Logos.
    • Automotive.
    • Aerospace.

Brass cutting service

Our Waterjet cutting service is located in Ravenhall but we cater for all areas of Melbourne such as, Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Western suburbs of Melbourne, Northern suburbs of Melbourne, South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Geelong and we are able to transport all our products to all states in Australia.

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