Section Rolling and Pipe Bending

Sectional rolling comprises rolling round tube, square tube, flat bar and angle iron into curves or hoops along with circles to different radius bends. Sectional rolling is used in many industries by Steel fabricators, gate fabricators, trailer fabricators, landscape developers, steel edging for skate parks, Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing, Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing, Manufacturing and Sheet Metalwork.

At Weldpro fabrications we have the ability to roll your sections but also we can fabricate your rolled or curved sections by welding and joining to suit your requirements.

Some of our past rolling and fabricated sections have been used for the following. Garden arbors, skate park grind rails with reo bars welded, hoops, curved hand rails, trailer builders, fence fabricators, shop fitters and steel fabricators for there own projects.

The material that we can roll in our sectional rollers are steel box tube or SHS, aluminum box tube, stainless steel box tube,solid round bar, flat bar, medium wall pipe, round tubes and angle iron.

Our sectional rollers have a capacity to roll

the following.

Flat Bar Edge Capacity – MS (size / Ø) 60×10 Radius 500mm

Flat Bar Capacity – MS (size / Ø) 100 x 15 Radius 450mm

Square Bar Solid Capacity – MS (size / Ø) 35 x 35Raduis  900

Rectangle Tube Capacity – MS (size / Ø) 50 x 40 x 3 Radius 1200*(mm)

Square Tube Capacity – MS (size / Ø) 50 x 50 x 3 Radius  1700*(mm)

Round Bar Solid Capacity – MS (size / Ø) 35 Radius  600*(mm)

Round Tube Capacity – MS (size / Ø) 70 x 2 Radius  1000* (inch / mm)

Round Pipe Capacity – MS (size / Ø) 2″ x 2.9mm Radius  1000mm*(mm)

Angle Capacity – MS (size / Ø) 50 x 50 x 5  Radius 1000 mm*

Pipe Bending

Square tube and pipe bending capabilities 

We also have a bender that can bend round pipe and square tubes in the following sizes.

Bending of medium wall round pipes up to 50 NB at 90 degrees.

Bending of steel and aluminum box tube SHS sections with 3mm wall thickness in the following sizes, 20x20mm SHS, 25x25mm SHS, 32x32mm SHS, 40x40mm SHS, 50x50mm SHS and up to 90 degrees. We can also bend rectangle RHS 75mm x 50mm up to 45 Degrees.

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