Waterjet Cutting Rubber

Weldpro Fabrications offer a Waterjet Cutting Rubber service for many industries around Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.

Some of the many rubber types we cut on our waterjet cutter are rubber sheets, Neoprene rubber sheets, EPDM rubber sheets, Nitrile rubber sheets, Silicone rubber sheets, Fabric reinforced rubber sheets and Texture fortified rubber sheets.

Rubber Cutting Waterjet

Our waterjet cutter has a bed size of 2 meters by 4 meters and we can cut all rubber up to 150mm thick. Our waterjet cutter uses high pressure water of up to 66,000 PSI mixed with a flow of garnet which combined can cut your rubber parts to any 2D shapes, All we need is a DXF file or a DWG file and we can cut your job, we are able to help draw your designs if your not able to supply that CAD file, the shapes we profile cut can be round or square shapes, oval shapes or any design you need, we can also cut holes square or round on your rubber cut parts, flange gaskets etc. We also provide free waterjet cutting quotes.

Rubber is a versatile material that is used in various industries for its unique properties such as elasticity, durability, and insulating qualities. Some of the industries that commonly use rubber materials include:

Waterjet Cutting Rubber – Industry Examples

Some of the industries that use rubber cut parts are.

  1. Automotive Industry: Rubber is extensively used in the manufacturing of vehicle tyres, gaskets, seals, hoses, and various other components throughout an automobile from interior, engine bay to under vehicle.
  2. Construction Industry: Rubber is used in construction for products like seals, gaskets, insulation, and roofing materials.
  3. Electronics Industry: Rubber is used for insulating materials in electrical cables, wiring, and electronic devices.
  4. Footwear Industry: Many types of footwear, including shoes, boots, and sandals, use rubber in their soles for traction and durability.
  5. Medical Industry: Rubber is used in the production of medical gloves, tubing, seals, and various medical devices.
  6. Aerospace Industry: Rubber is used in the aerospace industry for components such as gaskets, seals, and vibration dampeners.
  7. Sporting Goods Industry: Rubber is commonly used in the production of sports equipment such as balls, grips, and protective gear.
  8. Marine Industry: Rubber is used for marine applications, including seals, gaskets, and fenders for ships and boats.
  9. Textile Industry: Rubber is used in the textile industry for elastic bands, waterproof coatings, and other applications.
  10. Consumer Goods Industry: Rubber is found in a wide range of consumer products, including toys, kitchenware, and various household items.
  11. Mining Industry: Rubber is used in conveyor belts, hoses, and various other components in the mining industry.
  12. Oil and Gas Industry: Rubber is used for seals, gaskets, and various components in the oil and gas exploration and extraction processes.
  13. Printing Industry: Rubber rollers are commonly used in printing presses for their flexibility and durability.

Rubber can be used for many applications from gaskets for sealing flanges to O rings, Electrical wiring Rubber as an insulator, Conveyer belts, door mats, ute and tray mats, floor protective coverings, shock absorbing mats, rubber seals for doors, weather strips etc.

Rubber Cutting Service.

Our Waterjet Rubber cutting service is located in Ravenhall but we cater for all areas of Melbourne such as, Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Western suburbs of Melbourne, Northern suburbs of Melbourne, South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and Geelong, Suburbs that we cover are Ravenhall, Melton, Werribee, Hoppers crossing, Laverton, Altona, Williamstown, Yarraville, Footscray, Tullamarine, Airport west, Sunshine, Sunshine North, Brooklyn, Sunshine West, Campbellfield, Dandenong, Franskton, Bayswater, Epping, Clayton, just to name a few, we are also happy to ship out any orders to all states Australia wide.

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