Earth Moving Bucket Repairs – Excavators

We specialise in earth moving bucket repairs. This is a process of assessing, fixing and rebuilding an excavator bucket that has been damaged over time, due to:

  1. Wear and tear.
  2. Bucket metal cracks.
  3. Dents.
  4. Cutting edge wear.

The repair process typically involves several steps which includes the following:

  1. Assessment: The first step we do is to check the extent of the damage. This may include inspecting the bucket for cracks, checking the cutting edge for wear, and examining the overall condition of the bucket.
  2. Cleaning: Before any repairs can be made, the bucket needs to be thoroughly cleaned. This involves removing any dirt, debris, or material buildup that may be present.
  3. Welding: We use welding to repair cracks or breaks in the bucket. Our goal is to restore the bucket’s structural integrity.
  4. Cutting Edge Replacement: If the cutting edge of the bucket is worn out, it may need to be replaced. This is a common maintenance task, and new cutting edges can be welded or bolted onto the bucket.
  5. Hardfacing: In some cases, hardfacing may be performed to reinforce specific areas of the bucket that are prone to wear. Hardfacing involves applying a layer of hard, wear-resistant material to protect against abrasion.

It’s essential to have qualified professionals or experienced technicians perform excavator bucket repairs to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the equipment. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can extend the life of the excavator bucket and improve overall excavator performance.

What Excavator Bucket Attachments Can We Repair?

⦁ Excavator rock bucket.
⦁ Excavator mud bucket.
⦁ Excavator sorting buckets.
⦁ Excavator rippers.
⦁ excavator trenching buckets.
⦁ Skid steer buckets.
⦁ 4 in 1 buckets.
⦁ pins and bushes repairs.
⦁ Dozer blade reskins.
⦁ Grader blades.

Material we like to use.

All rebuilds are carried out using Australian supplied steels, depending on the application.

Some of the materials consist of:

  • Grade 350 mild steel.
  • Bis 80-grade plate.
  • 400,450,500 grade hard-wearing steel for liners.

All attachments are purchased from local well known trusted brands.

At Weldpro Fabrications some of our attachment repairs consist of:

  • bucket ear modifications.
  • new pins and bushes.
  • bucket wear strips.
  • bucket floors.
  • cutting edges.
  • shanks and adaptors.
  • new wear liners and skins.
  • chocie bars.
  • hard facing.
  • wear strips.
  • grab finger repairs.
  • new back arms for grabs.
  • quick hitch repairs.

Weldpro fabrications can repair your attachments at our workshop in Ravenhall Melbourne or onsite for the quick repair.

Our workshop is equipped with:

  • Lincoln welders.
  • Oxy cutting and heating.
  • Plasma cutting.
  • Arc air gouging.
  • Milling machine.
  • Lathe.
  • Line boring equipment.
  • Profile cutter.
  • 4-tonne forklift and all power tools.

Our onsite crane truck is equipped with lincoln vantage 400 welder, LN25 wire feeder, arc air gouging, oxy cutting and heating, and all power tools tested and tagged.

30 Ton Bucket Rebuild

Excavator 30 ton mud bucket repair.

Old cutting edge was removed along with sections of side cheeks with new front lip and side cheeks fitted and fully welded along with hard facing on front lip and cheeks.

  • 30 Ton Bucket Repair

49 Ton Bucket Rebuild

This is a 49 ton mud bucket rebuild we recently completed.

This is an example of the type of Bucket repairs we can make.

Front lip and floor were removed along with sections of side cheeks.

New 12 mm floor was rolled and fitted along with new 50 mm cutting edge using 450 grade wear plate.

New where strips were also added to the underside of the bucket along with new pins, all bosses needed welding and line boring.

Bucket was fitted with new Bolton edge and lip and side cheeks hard faced. Bucket was welded using Fluxcore wire.

  • excavator blade bucket repair

49 ton rock bucket rebuild

This is a 49 ton excavator rock bucket rebuild we carried out. Front edge and floor were cut out and cleaned up. New12 mm floor was rolled and fitted along with new 50 mm 450 grade front edge. New ECH adapters fitted along with tiger teeth. This rock bucket was all fully welded using flux core mig welding wire along with hard facing on edges. 

  • 49 ton rock bucket rebuild
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