Waterjet Cutting Frequently Asked Questions

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Does your water jet cutter burn the edges on HDPE plastic?

No it wont burn the edges, water jet cutting is a cold cutting process using high pressure water mixed with garnet.

What thickness aluminium does your CNC waterjet machine capable of cutting?

Our waterjet cutter is able to cut thru 150mm aluminium in all grades.

Can you cut round holes in 50mm wear plate for a bucket cutting edge?

Yes we can cut round and square holes in mild steel, hardox, bisalloy in all grades, our water jet can also cut holes in stainless steel and aluminium.

I need a job cut on your water jet cutter but I don’t have a DXF file can you still cut the job?

Yes we are able to do 2D drawings on our CAD system which will be sent to you for approval before cutting. 

What is the turn around times with your water jet cutting machine?

You would need to contact us in regard’s to your job and the quantity required to see what our current work load is like as we don’t like to make promises we can’t keep.

Do you deliver your waterjet cut parts around Melbourne?

Yes we can deliver your parts to Melbourne and even Australia wide, you are also welcome to pick up your profile cut parts from our factory in Ravenhall which is next to Caroline Springs.

What advantage does a water jet cutting machine have over a laser cutter or plasma cutter? 

Our waterjet cutter is a slower process than laser cutting and plasma but they are both limited to there thickness of cuts in different types of steels or non corrosive metals. Our waterjet cutter is also a great machine as it will cut all metals, plastics, stone, rubber, glass, timber, tiles, carbon fibre composite in fact we can cut just about anything up to 150mm. 

Can you cut a sheet of stainless steel over 3 meters long?

Yes our water jet cutting table is 4 meters long and 2 meters wide.

Can your water jet cutting machine cut a round hole in a glass panel for my doggie door?

Yes we can cut holes in glass but it must not be toughened glass. 

Are you able to do emergency waterjet cutting after hours or on the weekends for my breakdowns?

Yes we are more than willing to help you if you need a part cut after hours subject to material availability at the time.

Do you supply the materials for your CNC water jet cutting services?

Yes we can supply the material that you require but you are also welcome to bring in your own material and we will cut it with our machine.

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